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1. Read between the lines

2. Have a “sixth sense” at times

3. Follow their hunches; make decisions based on what “feels” right

4. Value uniqueness and originality in themselves and others

5. Reflect on who they really are, and on the meaning and purpose of life

6. Do work that has…


aquarians have a deep, ethereal enchantment about them that blends with refined intellectualization. they are quite adept at switching off from the world and operating on time bubble auto-pilot. nothing frustrates an aquarian more than people who wallow in their own self pity or stubbornness. likewise, they detest being restricted from truly expressing themselves

There goes my childhood. RIP to the legend, Robin Williams. His talent & creativity was inspiring, as well as a major parallel between my fiance’s life & mine. It’s almost like I lost a family member. Your spark in this world will be missed :(

"Love is a bird. Set her free. Let her soar into a vibrant sky."

Me (marryintothemob)
Life is too short. Love. Just love.
Surrender to the moment & feel the fluttering joy & awe move through you. Let your heart burst with gratitude. ღ
"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel & kiss the ground." ღ Rumi

my spiritual story (a very abridged version)

I have received several requests to describe my personal spiritual journey, so I am taking a moment to address my experiences in this post.

I was born into an Italian-Polish family. I was baptized, made my First Holy Communion, went to Reconciliation (confession), and finally, was confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith by the time I was 12. I attended Catholic high school, though I had stopped attending Sunday Mass, and church in general, at that point. As anyone may gather, I was spoon-fed my religion and didn’t really have a say in the matter. I was not exposed to other Christian denominations or other world religions/beliefs; I was informed by family, teachers, and members of holy clergy again and again that Catholicism was, and ought to be, at the root of my life.

I did attend a private Catholic university, but how much or little you participated in worship, etc. was your prerogative (I will note they had several classes that discussed other faiths). I began making a lot of personal changes in my life at that time, and I’m not even sure I had much of a relationship with God. I only knew what others had instructed me to believe. I began the path of seeking.

It wasn’t until I was 20 years old when I began opening myself up more to the Universe. I fell away from the box labeled Catholicism, and decided I would just be spiritual, open-minded. I still believe in God, Jesus, angels, and many others things Christians do, I just choose not to conform to one system. I was dissatisfied with my romantic life and the types of people I was attracting. So, in 2011, I began praying and meditating… something I had neglected. I was essentially sending out a call, letting God know I was ready to work on loving myself so that He could deliver my soulmate to me. And it worked; I met my twin flame in August of 2011.

I’ve written another post about all the synchronicities we encountered during that time, but to be brief, his experiences *totally* aligned with mine. He was seeing 13… I told him about faith, hope, and love - the Corinthians 13:13 verse which I always intended to use at my wedding. I sent him a Taylor Swift (I know, lol) video, and he realized 13 was the lucky number written on her hand. Over and over, it all became very intense. We had many emotional moments and continued experiencing signs (still do), in the material form and from human messengers. I started having vivid precognition and dreams that all came to fruition. It was like I was awake for the first time in my life; I left this earthly existence, and remembered my true identity as an eternal soul capable of great love. It all made sense - why I was so opposite of my family, why I could hear or sense voices/presences, my creativity and imagination (photography, art, music, voice imitations), and my empathetic and sensitive nature.

In addition to the precog and dreams, I can see auras and channel (though I am still on the practicing side of mediumship), I enjoy astrology, numerology, tarot studies, Buddhism, dream interpretation, chakra energy healing, and so much more. To conclude, I am incredibly grateful for God’s blessings and to my angels for always guiding my twin and I to the highest good. I have more stories I intend to share, so keep checking back!

~Namaste, sparks.

  • Hair product bottle: Use a dime sized amount.
  • Me: Lol...

that’s amore

I want to elope to a small town chapel in the middle of nowhere. I’d prefer Italy, but this would be just as good. I need to get a dress and find a place!

  • Me: Not pregnant
  • Me: Honor student
  • Me: Never been in legal trouble
  • Me: Hard worker
  • Me: Not an alcoholic
  • Parents: Cool
  • Me: Forgets to put dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Parents: OMG You never contribute to this family. You're crazy and out of control. You never do anything right. You need to take responsibility for your stuff and this house. Be perfect.
  • Me: Oh okay.

the flame in twin flames

Yes, twin flame/twin soul relationships are incredibly beautiful and romantic; when you find your twin and become immersed in the relationship, the happiness is insurmountable. But in most unions, there is a lot of darkness and tragedy before you get to the really good stuff… like learning about trust and loyalty, and discovering the power of unconditional love. Unconditional love has the fortitude to withstand any storm, but that’s why I’m here to tell you it’s so important to work on yourself before you meet your other half. One of you will undoubtedly be more spiritually advanced than the other, and the other will act as the “runner” or devastate your life in ways you’ve never dared imagine. You’re going to have to understand and remind yourself of your wholeness and perfection, that the issues between you and your counterpart are opportunities for healing and transmutation. It is my belief that both halves are whole in their own divine right, but your soul is, in a sense fragmented, if you are without your twin. That is my opinion, at least. I like Plato’s interpretation: “…the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the others sight even for a moment.” Once you come to experience that joy, it is difficult to not forgive, to not stay in love.

Today my aunt picked a cookie out of the tray. It happened to be a cookie that was baked onto another, so they were conjoined. She exclaimed “oh, twins!” My dad said, “soulmate cookie.” Synchronicity much???

Us :) <3